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Extreme Kayak Pyrenees Cup 2012


The Extreme Kayak Pyrenees Cup 2012 consists of 3 races to be held in spring:
   1.   May 18-19: PBR Pyrénées Buddies Race. Brousset river below Midi d'Ossau (France).                 http://www.pyreneesbuddiesrace.com/

   2.   May 25-26: Kayak Extrem Pallars Sobirá. Upper Noguera and Palomeras rivers above Sort (Catalunya).      http://www.doctorx.org/

   3.   June 2-3: River Gurú Extreme Race. Ara river in Torla below the Ordesa National Park (Spain).

The final result of the Pyrenees Cup come out of the sum of points obtained in the different overall rankings of the 3 events.
You do not need to compete in the 3 races to go for the cup, although if not participating in one you will not score points in that.
There will be one Individual Cup and another one as a Team.
There will be ladies category if at least 4 kayakers participate and at least in 2 races.
To consider that one team is the same to add points for the Team Cup is a requirement that at least 2 members are the same in the different events.

The overall individual winner on the first river (sprint +
extreme slalom) will take 12 points. The winning team will also get 12 points. If someone wins in all 3 events with 36 points would win the  Extreme Kayak Pyrenees Cup.

                                                Position 1 = 12   points
                                                Position 2 =   9   points
                                                              3 =  7´5 points
                                                              4 =  6    points
                                                              5 =  5´5 points
                                                              6 =  5    points
                                                              7 =  4´5 points
                                                              8 =  4    points
                                                              9 =  3´5 points
                                                            10 =  3    points
                                                            11 =  2´5 points
                                                            12 =  2    points
                                                            13 =  1´5 points
                                                            14 =  1    point
                                                            15 =  0´5 points

The results and award ceremony of the First Extreme Kayak Pyrenees Cup will be on Sunday June 3rd 2012 at the end of the Ara river event.

Whether as competitors or as spectators, everyone is invited to participate in these 3 events in the splendid Pyrenean rivers.

See you soon.

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